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With the GTB Pro, we aimed to create a unique yet universal sim racing wheel. We added RGB buttons and rotary encoders, funky switches, display, and RGB rev lights, all packaged in a button box that you can add to your favorite steering wheel.

The DIY guide provided in the package explains every process step-by-step, from sourcing the components to the final assembly. Don't forget to check out the optional DIY Parts we offer!

After purchase, all the files provided for this wheel will be sent to your email address.


4mm carbon fiber frontplate
177x170mm size
RGB button and rotary backlight (SimHub control)
2x Funky (7-way) switch
6x Rotary encoders
4.3" VoCore display
Optional magnetic paddle shifter (design included)
Optional dual-clutch system (clutch design included)
Compatible with 70mm PCD Quick-Releases


Detailed step-by-step DIY guide (52 pages)
Full BOM (component list with links)
Files for 3D printing (.stl, printable on min. 180x180mm bed)
Files for carbon fiber parts manufacturing (.step)
Printable shifter and clutch files
Ready to order fabrication files for custom PCB
Firmware for the PCB (binary only)
Sticker designs (printable .pdf and vector included)


Compatible wheels:

PE D330 (10mm spacer)
PE R330 (no spacer)
OMP 320S (10mm spacer)
OMP WRC (25mm spacer)
OMP 320S (10mm spacer)
OMP RS (25mm spacer)
Sparco R323 (10mm spacer)
Sparco R345 (25mm spacer)
Sparco R383 (10mm spacer)
Fanatec GT Rim (no sapcer)
Cube Controls GT Rim (no spacer)
Turn R305 (no spacer)
Turn R320 (10mm spacer)

The list is not complete, most of the 70mm PCD wheels work with the right number of spacers.

Compatible bases:

Fanatec (with Podium HUB or SRM emulator)
Simucube (with SQR)
Simagic (with Simagic QR)
MOZA (with Moza QR)
Asetek SimSports (with Asetek QR)
VRS DirectForce Pro
Thrustmaster (with 70mm adapter)
Any other bases with a 70mm PCD mounting system

The files are for personal use only, non-commercial, not for resale!

You cannot sell the digital model, a derivative or adaptation of the model, nor can you sell prints/makes of the model.

This is not a physical product. Digital downloads will be sent via email automatically after completing payment.

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