Frequently Asked Questions

What is DIY?

DIY stands for "do-it-yourself." The idea behind our DIY project is that you can acquire the necessary skills, knowledge, and resources needed to build some of your Sim-Racing gears yourself, rather than buying it as a ready-made product. Not only will you learn a lot during the project, but the knowledge you acquire will also empower you to customize the device according to your preferences. As a result, you can fully enjoy using the device you built yourself, experiencing even greater satisfaction.

What is included in a DIY package?

Our DIY packages includes everything you need and need to know for building a particular Sim-Racing gear. More specifically, it consists of a step-by-step manual (including instructions for ordering, processing parts, assembly, etc.), a component list (BOM), 3D printable files, firmware, sticker design, and files for manufacturing all the necessary components.

The unique link for downloading the DIY package is automatically sent to your email after purchase.

The only exceptions are the DTM Sport and GTE Lite project which include 3D print and plate files only without instructions.

What tools are needed for a DIY project?

For all our DIY projects, you will only need basic tools such as a screwdriver, wrench, pliers, and a soldering iron. You don't even require a 3D printer, as there are numerous reliable services available nowadays.

I don’t have a 3D Printer/CNC machine. What can I do?

No worries if you don't have a 3D printer or CNC machine! We don't own a CNC machine ourselves either, and we frequently build our projects without utilizing our in-house 3D printer. We provide recommendations for suppliers we personally use for parts requiring CNC machining or specific processes. There are nowadays more and more reliable and affordable 3D printing services that offer excellent quality at a low price, like JLCPCB or Weerg.

What does it cost to build a wheel?

The cost of building a wheel depends on several factors: the materials used, the level of personal involvement, the source of parts, and most importantly, which specific type of steering wheel are we talking about. Therefore, we can only provide a range estimate only.

Steering wheels without screens are typically simpler and cost less to build, ranging from around 150-300 USD. Wheels with screens are generally around 300-500 USD to make, but the cost may increase if all parts are purchased ready-made, or decrease if you are skillful.

Additionally, in most of our projects, we strive to offer numerous alternatives and options, which can also impact the overall cost.

We also often see that people build a wheel with more affordable materials and then they start to replacing parts with higher quality ones, because they like the wheel a lot. So, you always have the option to pimp your wheel later on.

I encountered an "Unknown USB Device"error. Can you assist me?

The significance of the USB cable and wiring cannot be overstated. Since we have seen similar issues in multiple cases, we have prepared a brief document that includes valuable information about USB 2.0 communication and serves as a
troubleshooting guide. You can download the guide here: Good to Know about USB Cables.

If you still can't find a solution for your issue, don't hesitate to drop us an email at We will try to find a solution for your specific case