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Plug-and-play, fully assembled, programmed, and tested PCB for the FGT DIY steering wheel. If you don't want to go deeper into the electronics part of the build, this is for you.

Buttons are not included, because they have to be soldered after mounting them. But since we made big, easily accessible pads for them, they are easy to solder. 

PCB files are still included in the DIY package, so you can order and complete the PCB on your own also and save these costs. 


All component soldered
ALPS Apline 7-way ("Funky") switches
JST XH connectors
12-pos rotary switches with high torque detents
Firmware installed
All functions tested before dispatch
Buttons not included


Compatible with the FGT DIY steering wheel only. To build the wheel, you have to purchase the FGT DIY files.

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