The LMPH is here!

Introducing the LMPH Hypercar Sim Racing Wheel - our first ready-made masterpiece. After 10 months of meticulous development and testing involving sim and real-world drivers, we proudly present the first hypercar steering wheel in the market.


The ultimate wheel

The LMPH boasts a 6mm carbon fiber front plate, precision-crafted 6061 aluminum components, and motorsport-spec UV-resistant injection-molded silicone grips. With a 300mm diameter and a total weight of 1700g (including the HUB), this sim-racing wheel is not only the perfect choice for hypercars but also for any endurance or formula cars.

Backlight buttons

Experience unparalleled control even during night sessions with the adjustable brightness backlight buttons, which include two telemetry-controllable buttons. You'll never miss a beat thanks to the specially designed non-slip vivid color domed stickers. The high-resolution VoCore screen, protected by scratch-resistant gorilla glass, and the 16x diffused RGB LEDs provide all the crucial information you need in the heat of the competition.

Magnetic shifters

The LMPH's CNC machined aluminum magnetic paddle shifters, combined with the 4mm thick adjustable position carbon fiber paddles, will make you feel as if you were sitting in a real race car. Experience heightened confidence and lightning-fast reaction with every shift, thanks to the strong neodymium magnets and short travel. The shifters offer exceptional reliability with their sealed switches and twin sliding contacts.


The dual-clutch system uses linearized automotive hall-sensors, delivering rapid and reliable feedback. The paddles offer versatility with three modes of operation: button (switch) input, separate analog axes, or dual-clutch mode with integrated bite-point adjustment in precise increments of 10-1-0.1%. Additionally, to ensure you are always prepared for every start, you can easily switch between four stored bite-points with a simple shortcut.

Versatile compatibility

The integrated wheel HUB offers a solid and versatile mounting solution compatible with various standard Quick-Releases or FFB bases. With 50.8 or 70mm PCD M5 holes, it can be easily attached to a wide range of setups. The HUB includes both threaded and non-threaded holes, supporting front and rear mount options as well. Enjoy seamless compatibility and effortless integration with the included mounting hardware and tools.

Premium controls

The LMPH wheel is equipped with 6x ELMA high-detent encoders (same encoders are used in real hypercars) and a 7-way "Funky" switch featuring hard black anodized aluminum knobs. These premium components ensure precise control and provide a high-quality feel. Additionally, the extra rear buttons can be customized for quick-adjust functions, granting you the ability to swiftly override your hybrid system, activate your DRS, or assign any other desired command.

Secure connection

The optional Secure-Conn Power Injector Box guarantees a stable connection and reliable power supply for the wheel. The rig mountable socket features a lockable USB-A connector, ensuring that the wheel's cable remains securely connected at all times. Additionally, the optional power input allows for additional power to be supplied if the connected PC or USB HUB is unable to provide sufficient power.

Let's race!

Jump behind the first Hypercar Sim-Racing Steering Wheel and push it to the limit!